Wednesday, April 30, 2014

U.N. vs U.S.

Central to this discussion is the concept of national sovereignty. Those who desire to limit, restrict and diminish the independence of nations, are enthusiastic proponents of this 'New World Order'. The scale and magnitude of this primary conflict cannot be dismissed. A country has a right or it doesn't. Natural law towards nations is the same canon that it is towards individuals. If sovereignty is denied among nations, 'all things are possible'. Countries can and do, at times, relinquish portions of their self-rule. Policy considerations may be seen as beneficial in so doing, but to intimate that temporary subordination, voids the absolute authority for autonomy, is at the core of this dispute. The United States retains her primacy, as a sovereign nation, while being a member of the U.N. The criteria for continued involvement needs to provide advantage for our country. Seldom will the defenders for international assembly develop a case for benefit to individual nations. 

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

National Education

Elements that seek to institute a National Education Regime, seek to destroy this Nation. Ignorance as to the nature of proper individual state control of their education systems has openly turned into the desire to clone nationwide prototypes of the New World Order. Just look at their claims for a uniformed curriculum, designed, funded and tested by the social engineers who brought us outcome-based education. These are the followers of John Dewey and Richard Gibboney who introduced Progressive Education that seeks to dispense with objective standards, logical thought and truths and replace them with subjective feelings, emotions and self-esteem. 

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Monday, April 28, 2014


We all should be able to agree that none of us made a conscious willful choice for our own procreation. That decision was left to our parents. The circumstances and place where we were born had nothing to do with us. Since the world is organized under governments, we all became citizens of a particular land upon coming into this world. Each country determines their own standards for citizenship, especially for those who seek permanent entry into an adopted country. The idea that it is a 'Right' for any and all, to access the frontiers on a different land, contradicts all international law and custom. 

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Friday, April 25, 2014

ANWAR Over Energy

Every since the era of John D Rockefeller, the oil industry has been characterized as robber barons. No doubt that his influence was unprecedented and it has been said extended indirectly to a quarter of the US economy at its peak. But what is conveniently overlooked by 'Fiends of the Earth' (yes, spelling is correct), is the role that government played in the creation of that devious monopoly. Looking to government to be the fair arbitrator and provider of solutions is akin to accepting a silver dime from the grand old man himself. A basic lesson in economics is sorely needed to clean the air. Those who comprehend the consistent theme in these essays, understand the vigorous defense of 'Civilization'. Modern society can only exist upon the flow of energy and the sparks of electric. 

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Third Parties

Since the Nation was formed as a Republic, underlying principles of Democracy have been hailed as the bedrock expression of authority. The practice of one man, one vote; evolved into the basis of legitimacy, as the consent of the citizen was registered for their form of government. With the creation of political parties, the organization of public power was instituted. Parties became the repository for election seekers to gain office. They also developed into organizations where patronage was gained, policies could be influenced and access to political favors could be secured. The duopoly rivalry that emerged over the centuries, grew from the reality of being 'in or out' of power, more than deep seeded ideological principles. For in its bare raw brute reality, politics is about power. How you get it, what you do when you have it, and how you keep it. 

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Introduction: James vs. James

Upon discovery that a column was being published under my name sake was surprising. When I read that it was penned from 'Fantasy Land', I was shocked. And after discovering that it is an illusion, written with errors, I must correct the record. Therefore, the sword fencing must begin! The foil that false fantasy promotes, must be repulsed. The epee art is more than self defense. It is a quest to clear confusion from the public arena. The Duel between Gentlemen, requires a victory. TRUTH reigns supreme. The task for the sincere is to understand the correct nature of that Reverie, to slay that Chimera, and replace it with Vision of TRUTH and WISDOM! For this task I accept the challenge to rid the bewilderment and bring sanity back to the Magic Kingdom . . . And follow the lead of those who know the difference. James - 'The Right' 

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