Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Introduction: James vs. James

Upon discovery that a column was being published under my name sake was surprising. When I read that it was penned from 'Fantasy Land', I was shocked. And after discovering that it is an illusion, written with errors, I must correct the record. Therefore, the sword fencing must begin! The foil that false fantasy promotes, must be repulsed. The epee art is more than self defense. It is a quest to clear confusion from the public arena. The Duel between Gentlemen, requires a victory. TRUTH reigns supreme. The task for the sincere is to understand the correct nature of that Reverie, to slay that Chimera, and replace it with Vision of TRUTH and WISDOM! For this task I accept the challenge to rid the bewilderment and bring sanity back to the Magic Kingdom . . . And follow the lead of those who know the difference. James - 'The Right' 

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