Friday, May 16, 2014


The core reasoning for intrusive intervention into the affairs of Free Men is the false notion that Altruism is a desired goal for society to implement. The proponents of the use of coercive force to impose their vision of a benevolent society require a moral basis for their demands of conformity. Their attempt to interject a culture of altruistic compassion as the substitute for personal responsibility is central to their model for a compliant society. Belief in their doctrine is a required necessity to coexist in their paradise of social equality. Tolerance exists only for those who accept allegiance to the tenants of multiculturalism. 

Communists want total obedience to their dogma. Collectivists demand subornation to the specter of society's goals. Fascists impose loyalty for government decrees. Statists require supremacy of the ruling dominion. Socialists accept incremental surrender to state jurisdiction. Plutocrats rule for the benefit of the few. Monarchists enforce the will of one. And Social Democrats proclaim the emotions of the mob. All have in common the willingness to compel compliance UPON individuals. 

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