Thursday, May 1, 2014

Social Security

Social Security is assessed on employee wages and an equal amount, paid by the employer. These funds go to pay monthly remittance to existing recipients. These deductions are a TAX. No money is segregated into an individual account that is invested for the individual. In the real world, this concept is known as a Ponzi Scheme, which is a Fraud and is a criminal act. Those are the facts which are indisputable. The Social Swindle system is insolvent, and has been unfunded for generations. There are no funds, nor are there any IOU monies that are available to meet future obligations. Only future taxes from a static work force in real earnings, will pay for increased recipients who are living much longer. The system is bankrupt. Only the ignorance of the public is greater than the bang when the bubble busts. The ultimate result will be a diminished purchasing value, that we all will suffer. 

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